A Coll. of Diophantine Probs. With Solns. by J. Matteson

By J. Matteson

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L3 M. Acciarri et al. (L3 D. K. Hoskins et al.

52 MAHANTA 00 obtain bound on radion mass in the RS model. Bound is from Higgs boson search at LEP I. 8 TeV; production via gluon-gluon fusion. Authors assume a radion vacuum expectation value of 1 TeV. M. Abazov et al. M. Abazov et al. PL B609 20 G. Abbiendi et al. EPJ C38 395 J. Abdallah et al. PRL 95 252001 A. Abulencia et al. J. Smullin et al. PL B587 16 P. Achard et al. PRL 92 121802 D. Acosta et al. PRL 92 111102 M. Casse et al. PL B591 23 S. Chekanov et al. D. Hoyle et al. M. Abazov et al.

PL B591 23 S. Chekanov et al. D. Hoyle et al. M. Abazov et al. EPJ C26 331 G. Abbiendi et al. PL B572 133 P. Achard et al. PL B568 35 C. Adloff et al. PRL 90 151101 J. Chiaverini et al. F. Giudice, A. Strumia PR D67 125008 S. G. Raffelt PR D69 029901(erratum) S. G. Raffelt EPJ C28 1 A. Heister et al. C. Long et al. PL B524 65 P. Achard et al. PL B531 28 P. Achard et al. PRL 89 281801 D. Acosta et al. PR D66 103002 L. Anchordoqui et al. PRL 88 071301 S. Hannestad, G. Raffelt PRL 86 1156 B. Abbott et al.

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