A Guide to Phrasal Verbs by K. Cullen, P. Hands

By K. Cullen, P. Hands

Each one phrasal verb has its personal access with a full-sentence definition, which permits phrasal verbs to be proven of their right grammatical context. details can be given on which sign up or point of language the phrasal verb belongs to. Synonyms or near-synonyms are proven on the finish of definitions, as are cross-references to different phrasal verbs in the event that they are invaluable for comparability. additionally, you will locate examples of the way phrasal verbs are literally used, all in response to corpus fabric. newbies may well locate phrasal verbs tough to take advantage of simply because they aren't convinced the place to place the adverbial particle. a number of various positions can be attainable, or there may be one fastened place. either full-sentence definitions and examples exhibit the place the adverbial particle can go.
This consultant additionally incorporates a portion of Language learn panels at the adverbial debris used to shape phrasal verbs. those supply the wide diversity of meanings that every particle has, and convey which of the debris are utilized by local audio system to shape new phrasal verbs. those panels may also help you to improve your wisdom of ways phrasal verbs are shaped and the way they functionality in English. additionally they include extra phrasal verbs to these present in the dictionary.

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O g e t up to You talk about what someone is getting up to when you are referring to what they are doing, especially if you think it is likely to be something you w ill dis­ approve of: I hate to think what he and his mates are getting up to in Greece. g iv e /g iv /: gives, giving, gave /geiv/, given /'givsn/ o give a w a y 1 a You give som ething away when you give it to someone else, usually because you no longer want it: Her m other gave most of her old baby clothes away, b You give som ething away when you lose it carelessly: The centre forward gave that ball away.

There’s no need for him to go about in su ltin g people like that, [same as go around, go round] 4 (especially B rE ) You say that som e­ thing is going about when more and more people are talking about it, know about it, or are being affected by it: There’s a rum our going about that his w ife’s left him. j Isn ’t there a bad cold going about? [same as go around, go round] o go about w ith (BrE) You go about with someone when you are friendly w ith them and you do things together: He used to go about w ith one of the lads from the village, but I haven’t seen them together for a while.

2 Something goes back to an earlier time when it has its origins in that earlier time: Go back a few hundred years and look around. □ Their quarrel goes back to the time when they fought over the same girl at school. j H is family tree goes back to ju st after the Norman Conquest.

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