Absorption Measurements of Certain Changes in the Average by Allison S. K., Duane W.

By Allison S. K., Duane W.

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The essential element of measuring instruments operating on the micrometer principle is a screw with precisely controlled lead, having a pitch of usually, but not necessarily, 40 threads per inch. The screw of the micrometer is integral with the measuring spindle, whose face establishes the measuring contact with the object. The distance of that contact face from a fixed datum constitutes the measuring length, which is then displayed by the scale graduations of the micrometer. The micrometer has two basic scales.

The most common size is the oneinch size, which permits measurements over a range from zero to one inch in length. The same range of one inch can also be applied to other limit dimensions by mounting the basic screw mechanism on other frame sizes. Accordingly, outside micrometers are also made in sizes of 1 to 2 inches, from 2 to 3 inches, and so on to a 24-inch maximum limit, exceptionally even larger. Because micrometers whose lower range limit is greater than zero cannot have direct contact between spindle face and anvil, setting masters must be used for calibration purposes.

Measuring tapes, when not supported along the used length, will naturally sag, with adverse effect on the correctness of the measured dimension. For precise measurements the tape must be supported over the entire effective length on a substantially flat surface. Furthermore, a moderate force should be applied for stretching the tape. The standard tension for steel tapes up to 100 feet long, positively supported in the horizontal plane, is 10 pounds. Under these conditions steel measuring tapes of controlled quality can be expected to be accurate within 1/10,000th part of their nominal length.

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