Advances in Grid Computing by Zoran Constantinescu

By Zoran Constantinescu

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The purpose is assigning the maximum value resource for each task. Next, the algorithm finds the maximum value at each row which belongs to a task. It is possible that the resource with maximum value in one row may be also is maximum in other rows. Because of that, the algorithm chooses the row (task) which has minimum value (this task has maximum requirements). If the number of matching becomes equal to number of tasks (n) (that is the all of third column of matrix M is True), then the algorithm will finish.

While the JM gives a resource veto power, there is no way for a resource to describe those requests that it would rather serve (Khanli & Analoui, 2006a,b). com) and eSpeak (Hewlett Packard) are two specifications being defined to enable automation of business-to-business interactions. Both systems use XML as a specification language to describe services, and define a rich framework for service discovery. Like most other systems, neither UDDI nor eSpeak exports a symmetric interface to servers and customers.

As when the 60% of execution time of application completes Dup Grid-JQA schedules remaining tasks in duplicate mode. In duplicate mode, the broker will send that results which is obtained first. Next section shows that duplicate method decreases the turnaround time significantly. As the number of tasks gets large in comparison with the number of resources in the platform, the plateau becomes less significant, thus justifies the use of a FCFS strategy. However, for applications with a relatively small number of tasks, resource selection could improve the performance of application significantly.

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