Adversary Politics and Land: The Conflict Over Land and by Andrew Cox

By Andrew Cox

The point of interest of the e-book is a dialogue of the adversary foundation of social gathering politics in Britain and its inimical effect on doable land regulations because the moment international warfare. specific emphasis is put on the scope for, and foundation of coverage initiation by way of Conservative and Labour governments within the face of the cumulative social, monetary, bureaucratic and political constraints which impinge at the policy-making technique. Dr Cox argues that those constraints depart just a particularly restricted room for manoeuvres by means of governments and that almost all of the post-war guidelines of Conservative and Labour governments were initiated in lack of knowledge of those constraints. subsequently, post-war guidelines have failed in implementation both by way of producing estate hypothesis or via hindering city improvement.

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It would also have faced opposition from the local authorities and central government Departments - not least the Treasury and Ministry of Health - as they defended their traditional roles, practices and assumptions. It would also, no doubt, have failed because of the lack of a political majority in power which was wholly supportive of its position. The war however changed all of this, because it created a vacuum at the heart of British government. The immediate exigencies of fighting the war left first Chamberlain and then Churchill and their senior political colleagues and civil servants preoccupied with fighting the enemy.

Like the Labour and Liberal Parties the Conservative Party in the 1930s can be seen as a divided party. There were factions who rejected state intervention and maintained a commitment to free market approaches to economic problems, whatever the political and social problems this might engender. This group was clearly opposed by those individuals, often aristocratic, who felt that the social and economic elites of a society had a paternalistic responsibility to ameliorate the conditions of those who were less well placed.

74 Furthermore, Reith's goal of a national and regional physical planning structure which would oversee local authority planning was also downgraded by civil servants in the Treasury, Ministry of Health and Reconstruction Secretariat who 46 The problem and limits on policy initiation were responding to defensive pressure from the local authorities and their Associations. Even the idea of the Land Commission, in the Coalition White Paper, was hardly what Reith or Uthwatt and Barlow had intended, because the Ministry of Town and Country Planning, not the mooted Land Commission, was to have the co-ordination role.

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