Amphibian Morphogenesis by Harold Fox

By Harold Fox

This ebook took place because of a evaluation I had written previous on fea­ tures of mobile alterations taking place in the course of anuran metamorphosis. just a restricted therapy of this topic used to be attainable in this sort of circumscribed paintings and merely particular examples of natural swap have been handled. therefore the sins of omission weighed seriously, for therefore a lot info couldn't be incorporated to supply a extra complete and authenticated account of the flowery, complicated, and far-reaching adjustments that an aquatic larva undergoes to turn into a terrestrial froglet. a great deal of my operating lifestyles has been spent investigating amphib­ ians, in particular their larval developmental morphology in the course of metamor­ phosis, first on the point of sunshine microscopy and in later years by way of electronmicroscopy. at first i used to be relatively all in favour of morpho­ logical homologies of a number of larval constructions, corresponding to the cranial and pharyngeal skeleton and the nerves and musculature, for you to research extra approximately amphibian phylogeny, for in the course of my pre-and early postgrad­ uate years G. R. Beer and D. M. S. Watson encouraged an timeless curiosity in and appreciate for vertebrate comparative anatomy. despite the fact that, it now appears to be like that amphibian phylogenetic relationships are top handled by way of the paleontologists, so ably confirmed by means of D. M. S. Watson and A. S. Romer and the modern fanatics during this box like A. L. Panchen, R. L. Carroll, E. Jarvik, and ok. S. Thompson between a bunch of others, fairly within the USA.

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Victoriana cMartin, 1965 CMartin, 1967b C. , 1982 Cyciorana cryptotis (continued) Described and illustrated stages 1-40 (but not climax) of Gosner (1960), from area of Perth, W. Australia Series of embryos to hatching and fully metamorphosed froglet. Also some internal organogeny Small oviducal froglets Classic study of organogenesis. Compared prehatching stages with those of Sampson (1904) Two-celled St. XIV). St. XV (tail reduced to small knob, specimen otherwise same as previous stage. Also internal organogeny Embryology, especially of spinal cord.

L... ;:::t ~ n' i ~ m ~ ~. , 1966 cHulse, 1979 Cei, 1968 Dent, 1956 Lepidobatrachus asper Hylorina sylvatica CFormas and Pugin, 1978 Cei, 1968 Eggs laid in foam nests. Hatching 36-48 h; maximum larval size, 35-40 mm; fully metamorphosed 31-36 d Staged after Gosner (1960) and Limbaugh and Volpe (1957). Stages 34, 40, and 43 described and illustrated Described and illus. 36 larva New spp. larval mouth parts described. Development of larva in field rapid 03-14 d) Various species; general information St.

Pipiens (Roman numerals I-XXV were used for the postfeeding stages) by Taylor and Kollros (1946), of Bufo valliceps (46 stages) by Limbaugh and Volpe (1957), B. regularis (66 stages) by Sedra and Michael (1961) and B. melanostictus (43 stages) by Khan (1965), Staging of Embryonic and Larval Amphibians 21 among others, became available. They compared similar though differently numbered stages of different species of anurans by various authors. From the middle of the century the widespread and convenient use of Xenopus embryos in a variety of research fields on developmental biology demanded a comprehensive series of stages, and the detailed 66 stages of X.

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