Archeological Reports for 2007-2008 by Catherine Morgan, Pia Guldager, A.C. Smith et al.

By Catherine Morgan, Pia Guldager, A.C. Smith et al.

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Bronze violin-bow around found. This pottery and the fibula demonstrate that the room to a building in LH constructed after the destruction, also found in the upper Sherds of this period were space S of the room. These finds are of layers of the adjoining of the post considerable interest and add to our knowledge belongs IIIC E. Palatial settlement at a point when in trench 9 had concluded In 2004, work of the area was seen to be covered with small- tomedium stones. Some may have been part of a paving, but now In the neighbouring trench have the of rubble.

In the baulk continued NE quadrant, 2004. This between trench 3 and (layer 2) where excavation stopped in is a dark brown soil containing large pottery one spindle-whorl arrowhead. and one obsidian fragments, stones were numerous, but did not form any structures: Again, in the larger part of the baulk. strom's understood: and has erosion it severely. 14 and Trenches 15 paving of small stones and in trench 13 structure of later date, but only at the N The theMyc ground level been excavated. 5m, to find the corresponding level.

The 421-22) similar around E. Zavvou 2, 413-51) {Praktika Z' Synedriou and textual sources for the cities on archaeological data shore of the cape, synthesizing published a full bibliography. and providing discoveries, Among site entries should be noted. 0/ 43. Geraki: plan of excavated area and new the new the kiln Cultivation is as yet undatable. of land on the S side of the road between Asopos of A. Vlachogiannakou) (property architectural remains from a bath: tile, amphora, and revealed Hel and Rom sherds were collected.

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