Art in Vilnius, 1900-1915 by Laučkaitė Laima

By Laučkaitė Laima

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Thus, the priest Kocela collected in Panemunelis, Treuman in Kvietkai, Baron von Ropp in his estate of Naujasis Pakruojis, the landowner Mefislovas DavainisSilvestraitis in Raseiniai county, Rudamina and Nitkus in Silute, the landowner Sakiell in Sprude, Silale county, the landowner Konstantin Valmier in Brazdziai, Bijotai estate, TelSiai county, Count Plater, Bduardas Volteris and Kelmeris in Gintaiiskes, Telsiai county, the landowner T. Dowgiallo in Siesikai es­ tate, Stanislovas Didziulis at Andrioniskis, Konczewski in Alanta, the priest G.

Moraczewski', Su'int, no. 16 (1908), p. 8. 8 The exact date of the ap­ pearance of the Circle is unclear. J. Sirkaite calls it the Circle of Archaeology and indicates the year 1901 as the date of its foundation; see Sirkaite, 'Dailes mecenatyste XIX a. antroje puseje - XX a. pradzioje', Kulluros istoriios lyrinejimai, vol. 1 (Vilnius, 1995), p. 250; J. Malinowski speaks about the Circle of the Lovers of Antiquities and Ethnography, founded in 1899; see Malinowski, 'Kultura artystyczna Wilna 1893-1945', Wilefiskie irodowisko arlyslycznie 7919-1945 (Olsztyn, 1989), p.

1-4; he also prepared a lec­ ture on P. Smuglevicius and Lithuanian art between the 18th and 19th centuries, see Kurjer wilenski, 13 Feb. 1908. 18 W. F. 22 In the course of time, amateurish research into the history of Lithuanian art and architecture gradually becam e more professional. Views of Vilnius were the favourite subject of that time. T h e never-ending motifs of painting.. Z,23 the writer Helena Romer-Ochenkowska marvelled at Vilnius. Many artists recorded the city's art and architecture as documentary accounts as well.

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