Arthurian Narrative in the Latin Tradition (Cambridge by Siân Echard

By Siân Echard

This ebook takes a special examine the Latin Arthurian culture, putting authors comparable to Geoffrey of Monmouth within the context of Latin histories, monastic chronicles, saints' lives, and different Latin prose Arthurian narratives. putting them opposed to a heritage of the Angevin courtroom of Henry II, the booklet introduces a brand new set of texts into the Arthurian canon and indicates how to comprehend their position in that culture.

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68 While Map's use here of lector implies that this is a reading audience, 66 67 68 De nugis curialium, IILi: Scribere iubes posteris exempla quibus uel iocunditas excitetur uel edificetur ethica. Licet inpossibile michi sit hoc mandatum, quia "pauper poeta nescit antra M u s a r u m , " n o n difficile legere uel scribere q u o d bonis sua faciat utile bonitas (cum omnia bonis cooperentur in b o n u m ) nee terre bone mandare semina que proficiant. " Proverbs 25:20 and Romans 8:28. xxxii: Siluam uobis et materiam, n o n dico fabularum sed faminum appono; cultui etenim s e r m o n u m n o n intendo, nee si studeam consequar.

The instruction of kings is a major element of this ideal"; The Origins of Courtliness, p . 84. Bumke, Courtly Culture, cites the c o m m o n opposition of just and unjust kings in the mirrors for princes, p p . 2 7 7 - 7 8 . 17 Arthurian narrative in the Latin tradition can also be seen as part of a tradition of court writing, resulting from the twin uses oifacetia as protective covering for truth-telling and as a kind of habitual wit consistent with life at court. "56 The reference to romance leads me to a new focus and a new problem, for political philosophy and court satire are not the only sorts of writing one finds at the Angevin court, and indeed, while the texts in this study display characteristics of court writing, in their focus on kingship and in their frequently ironic stance, none of them is in fact a political tract, a conduct book, or even a mirror for princes.

86 Clanchy, From Memory to Written Record, p. 251. 30 The Anger of Saturn shall fall": Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia regum Britannie and the limits of history The first text to be examined here is in some ways atypical of the works in this study. 1 I have chosen to begin with it, then, because its familiarity to medieval and modern audiences alike helps to prepare the way for the discussion of those characteristics which it shares with the other works to be discussed later. The Historia is arguably the most influential product of British Latin writing in the twelfth century.

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