Bar Barakah by Craig Hil

By Craig Hil

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Without ceremony, many times there is no emotional closure in the heart of the person. A man still feels like a boy inside, or a woman like a girl. Let me illustrate the point utilizing the marriage ceremony, which most people understand. I have had the following conversation with many married couples. ," I ask. "Yes," they answer. " "I just know I am," they reply. ," I ask. They will then respond with the date of their wedding. " "Has there ever been a time since your wedding when you woke up in the morning and thought, 'I wonder if I'm really married.

I remember a Jewish friend of mine, Jeff Brodsky, telling me that even as much as he loves his wife and as special as his wedding day was, there is one day that stands out more in his mind than even his wedding day. That was the day of his Bar Mitzvah ceremony. Jeff told me that it was the most important day of his life. He said, "I can remember at what moment I woke up, because I looked at the clock. I remember what I ate for breakfast that day, the clothes I wore to the synagogue, and what people said to me.

Bill told his son, "For example, Bob, regarding this matter of locking yourself in your room and not responding to your mother or me, I want to explain to you about two choices you have. When your mother or I come to knock on the door, you could choose Choice A or Choice B. Choice A would be to open the door and discus with us whatever matter is at hand. The consequence of this choice is that you will continue to enjoy the same privilege regarding your room as you now do. On the other hand, you could choose choice B, which is to leave the door locked and not respond to your mother or me.

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